Technology Platform Overview

The Mobifusion platform has the capability to disrupt the current model of mobile content distribution and consumption.

The company’s proprietary process is comprised of four innovative engines and many components and sub-components that maximize both mass creation scalability and individual app adoptability.

The company has developed intelligent software components using AI, machine learning and human interaction.

Components systematically identify, tag, and process raw unstructured media, into a highly structured format.

With media mapped to specific behavior assets, Mobifusion can design unique user interfaces optimized for any device, hardware and OS through the use of both proprietary algorithms and the user interface.

By collecting usage data from its apps, Mobifusion is creating a rich data set of users and how those users interact with their apps and bots.

The data can be analyzed to improve each aspect of the Mobifusion platform and also help dictate the most effective marketing strategies.

Structured media is injected into the behaviour engine where engaging features are mapped through many behaviour assets.

Apps are compiled in the cloud with code managed on servers. A virtual machine compiles media with source code by injecting and compiling assets rapidly. This allows compilation of 1000+ media / day via automation instead of 3 to 4 per day by hand.

Providing Unparalleled Device
& OS Compatability

Mobifusion’s platform technology is flexible, real-time, and easily scaled.

Mobile / smart phones, tablets (iPad, Nook, Kindle, Surface, IdeaPad, etc.), laptops and TVs, blog posts, Facebook fan page/ social media, in-app ads, print copy QR code, wearble devices (such as smartwatches, tvOS, fitness trackers and other brands and devices)

and many more

Messaging, tvOS, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile connected cars, HTML5, Salesforce

and many more

Mobifusion apps, bots and products sold in app stores and platforms globally to over 1 Billion users

and many more

Big Data Driven Marketing Optimization

Mobifusion’s data analytics platform mines a robust audience data set to optimize marketing strategies, develop new products and anticipate market transitions.

The Big data engine increases market intelligence and visibility while providing previously unavailable insights to content creators and distributors.

Analytics are utilized to anticipate the needs of the audience and drive better user experiences. This data set optimizes and reduces marketing costs, enabling Mobifusion to be proactive and predictive with product updates and development, while providing up-selling opportunities.