Mobifusion offers global distribution reach, particularly in
high growth emerging markets.

The World of Mobile Phones

Over 2 BILLION unique mobile users in over a hundred countries,
multiple regions worldwide

Distributors Rely On Mobifusion

Distribution Segments

Wireless Carriers
Mobile Device OEMs
Standalone App Stores

Distribution Partners


Core Motivation

Device proliferation and rapidly
changing user preferences

OEMs and carriers want
fresh app store content

Most sales happen on new devices within first 90 days

Periodic marketing (based on time, date, event, holiday)

Marketing Strategy

Mobifusion partners with content/media providers and
mobile carriers, with each party taking advantage of their
own connections to maximize marketing exposure.


Leverages the existing awareness of their content to drive adoption of the mobile app and bots

Website links, monthly emails and newsletters, special offers/coupons, blog posts, Facebook fan page, social media, in-app ads, print copy QR code, brands/authors comarketing (signings, TV, social platforms blog, etc.)


Uses its social, business, and channel connections to promote content and get user traction

Analytics, press releases, trailers, blog posts, social media, newsletters focus groups, online advertising


Uses its proprietary app stores to direct user access to raise the awareness of new apps

Top developer status, app store homepage promotion, search promotion, expedited approval process, flexible app creation process helps strengthen strategic partnerships (seasonal apps, carrier based timelines, etc.)

Targeted Pre & Post Launch Marketing Efforts

Distribution Strategy & Capability

· Established relationships with major app stores, telecom operators,
and device manufactures, allowing to quickly bring its apps to market
around the world.

· Preload on devices such as Samsung Galaxy and many other devices

We reach over 2 Billion people in
over 100 countries on 10,000 devices